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Ce este tiamfenicolul? Definiție Tiamfenicol este un antibiotic cu spectru larg de cloramfenicolcare are un efect mai puternic asupra bacteriilor gram-negative decât bacteriile pozitive. Este pulbere cristalină de culoare albă până la aproape albă sau cristale la temperatura camerei.

Wong Singapore, prof. Geavlete Romaniadr.

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Grasso USAprof. Geavlete şi prof S. Georgescu D. High-flow priapism and post-treatment sexual activity. Geavlete B. Hexaminolevulinate fluorescence versus standard white light cystoscopy -Does blue light really make a difference in the long run?

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NBI cystoscopy in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer-A prospective comparison to the standard approach. Combined narrow band imaging safest antibiotic for acute prostatitis and bipolar plasma vaporization in cases of large non-muscle invasive bladder tumors - Better than the standard approach?

State of the art in human adipose stem cells and their role in therapy Alina Simona Sovrea, Adina Bianca Bosca, Anne-Marie Constantin, Eleonora Dronca, Aranka Ilea Nowadays, adipose tissue appears to be the most valuable source in regenerative cell therapy, due to the following characteristics: high accessibility, high expression in a large number of individuals, high self-renewal and ability to differentiate, and hematopoietic support to the implant area. Its therapeutic potential has been experimentally observed in a broad spectrum of diseases with high population impact: diabetes, myocardial infarction, Parkinson disease, bone fractures, facial reconstruction or loss of subcutaneous tissue due to congenital abnormalities e. Over clinical trials using adipose-derived stem cells ASCsmajority phase I or phase II, have been registered with the National Institutes of Health NIHand in the short term no adverse reactions or significant risks were identified. Parallel with regulatory frameworks safest antibiotic for acute prostatitis control their safety and assess their efficacy, phase III trials are being developed. Although transplantation with adipose tissue is becoming more and more popular, there are still important drawbacks and technical challenges to be addressed, and clinical strategies to be developed.

Multescu R. Improving the diagnosis of upper urinary tract pathology: The NBI technology? Bipolar plasma enucleation in large BPH cases- Better than open prostatectomy.

Bipolar plasma vaporization versus monopolar and bipolar resection- Which is „ the better choice" in cases of average size BPH. Continous plasma vaporization - A new step forward in BPH endoscopic tratament.

Persu C. Higher dose of antimuscarinic for the treatment of neurogenic detrusor activity. Shock Wave Lithotrpsy vs Flexible Ureteroscopy for the treatment of renal stones- A single center experience.

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Geavlete P. Flexible ureteroscopy with Ho laser lithotripsy for renal stones larger than 20 mm. How significat can be the „clinically insignificant" residual stone fragments.

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Migrated and calcified ureteral stents: A challenging problem experience on cases. Ene C. Mihalache A. Flexible ureteroscopy and holmium laser for bileteral multiple pseudodiverticular renal stons.

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Nita G. Is still morbid obesity a contraindication for laparoscopic nephrectomy? Geavlete Chaiman împreună cu dr.

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