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Nevertheless please consider the following steps for a hassle-free start-up procedure: Please do NOT throw away any packaging material, most importantly: the tablet cardboard inlay needs to be included in the box to prevent transport damages in case of a return shipment.

Before processing the first test, free psa test results range transport protection needs to be removed and stored with the packaging. The instrument is calibrated at the factory and has an internal self-check procedure during every measurement to ensure that it is functioning properly. The calibration curve, the expiry date or the cut-off value for each test is encoded on the RFID card provided with each test kit.

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Does the software need updating? The CUBE-VET has embedded software and new versions are released for free when new features such as new user information, new tests, new languages or functionality improvements are added.

Trestioreanu Bucureşti Rezumat În ultimii 10 ani, cel mai utilizat marker tumoral pentru detecţia cancerului de prostată a fost antigenul spectfic prostatic PSA.

How are software updates delivered? Just follow the instructions on the display. How can I clean the instrument?

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The exterior of the instrument and tablet PC can be cleaned using lint-free cloth dampened with water. A mild detergent may be used if necessary.

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No liquid should be allowed to run onto the edges of the display, the measurement well, or the connectors. Do not use organic solvents or corrosive substances.

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Materials used to clean spills, including gloves, should be disposed of as biohazardous waste.